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DELETIA – self portrait w no self

mesmerising seventy-plus-page epic with a twisted tumblr aesthetic. Dazed 

Goring’s DELETIA is a tad NSFW. The New Yorker

a safe place to break your heart. Cristine Brache

punch-me-in-the-gut-jaw-droppingly-amazing fabulousness. Dan Holloway


loves it Dennis Cooper

This shit is straight up ill as hell. Penny Goring is not to be fucked with. Lee Petray

enchanting, an all-caps text-collage roller-coaster that reads exactly how love feels—chaotic and unapologetic, erotic and hypnotic. I wish that it were longer, and yet it is perfect as such a quick prosaic punch to the heart. Matt Margo


loves it Dennis Cooper

everywherecloud is amazing i love it.  Cool Person

i would be interested in hiding in Penny Goring’s brain for a while. Juliet Escoria

exciting stuff from one of the most brilliant and original writers there is. Dan Holloway


They make wonderful wallpaper.  Way Cooler Person

It is a marvelous neon maze unfolding in my brain like a mutated angular rainbow.  Jackson Nieuwland

The Zoom Zoom

There are good independent authors. There are some great ones. There are a handful of genius authors who piss on the mainstream. Like Penny Goring. The Zoom Zoom is the sound of the 21st Century fucking the 20th Century. Marc Horne

It’s honestly like nothing I’ve ever read before. For Books’ Sake

So completely modern, post-rap, post-poetic. DJ Young

Genius resides here; it gallops at an unknowable speed. Beach Sloth

Most writers are standing over the bed feeling embarrassed about their machinery, instead of making love. Penny strips you down, fucks you, flips you over, and fucks you from the other side. All the while showing you her face in a full-length mirror. Matthew Temple

The Zoom Zoom is a collection of crazy, sexy, dirty, beautiful poems and short pieces of fiction. I have never read anything quite like it, her writing is awesome. Helen Smith

What Penny Goring writes about is difficult, awkward and uncomfortable. It is also essential. Words With Jam

The Zoom Zoom is gob-smacking; I’ve not been this excited about a new (or newly discovered) author since I found Michael Marshall Smith, William Gibson, Graham Greene, ee cummings. Suzie Saw

Reading Penny Goring’s poetry is so refreshing and startling an experience, that it makes me think writing is going to be ok in the 21st century. Hers is a voice so fresh and so honest that it is very difficult not to make comparisons with some of the ‘greats’, especially poets. But she is unique and so I will just urge you to read her words for yourself. Quiet Riot Girl

The language and the imagery in this collection will blow you away. Word explosions with a definitively British aesthetic. Characters and voices for the 21st Century. Marc Nash

This seems excessive but Penny inspires excessiveness. Marcus Speh

The Guardian calls Penny Goring a ‘lively and original new voice in poetry’.

“a really energetic and raw collection of poetry and short prose” (Claire Armitstead, The Guardian)