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vag bone connected to the heart bone

heart bone connected to the hate bone

hate bone connected to the love bone

love bone connected to the death bone

death bone connected to the birth bone

birth bone connected to the lonely bone

lonely bone connected to the fuck bone

i love the skyy i fuck with

i fuck death with my love bone

i fuck love with my lost bone

i have never been unfaithful to the skyy



Dennis Cooper listed LOVE TESTER DELUXE as a mid-2014 favorite




hela trol buzy x peny gorig



i’m just waitin 4 this rough spell to pass.
i’m just prayin my pc is still alive.
i’m just wonderin why my eyelids are so swollen.
i’m just drinkin coca-cola in the kitchen.
it’s either write this or bang my head on the walls.
i’m just feeling disenchanted as fuck.
i’m just not doin the recyclin.
i will never show u my bare ankles.
my dreams are the only real thing.
the ones i have when i’m sleeping.
i have no waking dreams.
i’m just hopin i don’t die slow and painful.
trust you to choose such a classic death.
trust you to die fast and young.

== Re-Materialising Feminism ==

my fear wall showing at the ICA, London on Friday 20th June




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